Artisan SMP Training Course

Learn how to build a 6-Figure Business in the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry with No Prior Experience Required
Scalp Micropigmentation is changing the lives for many around the world.

Giving passionate people like you the opportunity to jump into the beauty industry without years of school and tens of thousands in loans.

Our students are going from working 9-5 earning Minimum wage.
And Now?… They are Earning as much as 6-figures!

Learn theory, Advanced techniques to marketing, secret tips & tricks.
Certificate upon completion

The Average Scalp Micropigmentation Cost is $1800-4500 Per Client.

Which means? With just 2 clients a day and working only
4 days a week…. You do the Math

Amazing, Right?

Contact us to receive the proper scalp micropigmentation training and a certificate of completion of our SMP training program.

Get personalized and intensive training with expert and renowned Scalp Micropigmentation artist Erik Lorenzo.